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Lady Galaxy Krylon Spray Art Paintings


On this site are a few of the paintings that are original and being sold from the world renowned traveling artist Lady Galaxy ! I have all rights to sell these paintings and they are originals! Independant artist Nikki Hartman better known a Lady Galaxy has created these krylon spray paint art pieces from her own private collection ; ) if you have any questions feel free to contact me ; )

Hidden Beauty


16 x 20 painting on canvas pink flowers and a triple fall with no horizon or sky!

great for down to earth!!!!! greens blues and pink trees

Price: 50.00

Twisted Vision


This is called twisted vision even if it is upsidedown it looks right 16 x 20

Price: 50.00

blood moon cavern


very popular with the gothic crowd 16 x 20

Price: 50.00


Blinking on sale graphic; 105 pixels wide

Contact Information

Click here for orders or questions:

Terms and Conditions

if your interested in purchasing please email me at and i will discuss payment options .I do prefer paypal and credit card payments

these paintings are the only ones in this size and description left one of each style; ) they are original pieces and once they are gone they are gone ! If you dont know who Lady Galaxy is just enter her name in search and you will be amazed! iahve other pieces that are for sale and i will list once these are gone or you may email me with inquiries on larger pieces .also available is home sweet home looks like hawaii ; )16 x 20 on canvas as well for 50.00.

shipping and handling on all items is 15.00

Just browsing? Get in touch anyway and let me know what you think.